This summer the business forum "Лiпень.PRO" will be held in Belarus. This is the event where everyone can improve their business skills, make friends and relax in natural surroundings.

The participants of the business forum will spend two days in a tented camp in a picturesque place - a river, a forest, fresh air, a smell of a fire and ... the best business practices!

From sunrise to sunset, there will be master classes, lectures, business games, debates. Experienced entrepreneurs, business coaches, owners of large businesses will speak about their mistakes, achievements and share their knowledge with others. In an informal setting participants will be able to communicate with experts and ask their questions.

Several business events will take place simultaneously. And that means everyone can choose the subject that best suits his/her business idea, project or start-up.

 You can come with a team or alone. This year the program is built in such a way that whether you want it or not, you will have no choice but to get acquainted and make friends with all forum participants. And this is done for a reason. Organizers know from their own experience how important are personal connections in the business environment. And Лiпень. PRO is the right event to make friends with the most active people of Belarus.

The forum will host more than 200 ambitious and ready to achieve their goals people. Experience from the previous year has shown that such contacts with like-minded people often turn into partnerships and new businesses.

But what about the relaxation? Here, too, people can choose what they like more - sports games, volleyball tournaments, quests, open-air cinema, a live concert and much more.

 It is worth noting that a special event "Expert Day" will take place in one of the tents. In this tent everyone can present their business idea or business project and get recommendations and feedback from experts and other participants, or find team members.

 Лiпень.PRO is organized by the Society for Innovative Business Support (SIBS) with support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) within the framework of the project « Creating Sustainable Infrastructure to Support Start-ups and Small Business Development in the Regions of Belarus»