Startup School is a series of educational events. Their format is different from traditional teaching and includes elements of training, workshops, seminars, etc. in various combinations.

“Startup School - a non-profit project started in Minsk in the summer of 2010 on the initiative of the founders of Startup Weekend Belarus Alexander Bulah, Konstantin Zhuravskiy and Alexander Patutin”.

Startup School helps beginner entrepreneurs in business creation and contributes to realization of innovative business-ideas and projects.

Since 2012 Startup School has moved beyond the city of Minsk. Other is planned that in 2015Startup School will be held in all districts and in some regional centers of Belarus.

Now Startup School is developing with the support of the NGO "SIBS", partners, associates, experts, inventors and others who share our mission and are ready to spend their time and money to cultivate innovative business-projects in our country, to form a startup movement.

Startup School is a regular event for all who believe in their entrepreneurial abilities and strive for success.

Join and...

- Be on the top of the wave - analyze current trends, borrow advanced foreign experience, generate your business-ideas and act!

- Find the missing competencies and the right people for the team and go!

- Do not have any business-idea? Join and work at Startup School with those who have it! Learn from your and others' mistakes!

- Get feedback from competent and experienced people, transform your idea and realize it first.

- Consult with Experts and Investors and make your project the most successful.

- Get useful links, contacts and make them work for you.

- Carry out market research at Startup School and proceed to the realization of your project!

- Find clients, partners and investors during your studies. Make them believe you!

- Get positive energy, look for associates, learn and act!

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