About NGO


We are the association of entrepreneurs, managers, young leaders for the joint implementation of business projects, training, development and support of each other. We are the organization of professionals who are eager to cooperate and improve the quality of their own projects.

The aims of the non-government association:

- to organize and carry out useful, high-quality and large-scale events in the sphere of innovative entrepreneurship, business-teaching and networking

- to invent, initiate and realize programs and projects in business and entrepreneurship sphere

- to participate in international projects in the sphere of entrepreneurship, training, transfer of practical experience

- to help and support each other by providing valuable and present-day information in business sphere

- to establish in Belarus favorable business environment for the development of intellectual and creative potential of small and medium business, for private investment formation

- to develop intellectual and creative potential of small and medium business

- to advance financial competence of entrepreneurs and young professionals

- to increase the amount of private investment in Belarusian small and medium business

- to make an image of a successful entrepreneur a role model


  • Startup-school

    Startup School is a series of educational events. Their format is different from traditional teaching and includes elements of training, workshops, seminars, etc. in various combinations.

    Startup School helps beginner entrepreneurs in business creation and contributes to realization of innovative business-ideas and projects.

    Startup-school web-site

  • Mobile Lab

    Mobile Lab - the project is created to help its participants to develop, promote and sell effectively their mobile products and services.

    The project focuses on the founders, managers and project managers of IT-companies, teams and individual developers, working on the creation and promotion of mobile applications.

    Mobile Lab web site

  • Business game and game training

    We design and produce economic board games and educational business trainers, organize and carry out game training and educational programs.

    Our games and training are strictly practical oriented and only business experts and professionals are involved in their development

  • Personal wealth management

    A series of seminars about how to take control over your cash flow, put the right financial goals, develop your own investment strategy, create your personal financial plan and make confident steps towards its realization, invest effectively.

  • Youth business-forum Lipen.PRO

    Learning + relaxation: three-day cool integration event for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers of all levers, middle managers and specialists of companies, individual entrepreneurs and freelances, business instructors and just nice and interesting people with an active lifestyle.

    Lipen.PRO web site


Our official data:

Non-government association “Society for Innovative Business Support”. Tax accounting number: 194902366, Minsk, str. Soltysa 187/2, office 2

b/a 3015080411002 in join stock company “Idea Bank”, code 153001755, Tax accounting number 807000122. Bank address : Minsk, str. Z. Bayduli, 11

Registration Certificate


DUNS 683534498

PIC number: 936440911