About NGO


We are an association of entrepreneurs, managers, young leaders for the joint implementation of business projects, training, development and support of each other. We are a community of professionals who seek to interact with each other and improve the quality of their own projects!

Objectives of the public association:

- Organize and conduct useful, high-quality, large-scale events in the field of innovative entrepreneurship, business training, networking;

- Invent, initiate and implement programs and projects in the field of entrepreneurship and business;

- Participate in international projects in the field of entrepreneurship, training, transfer of practical experience;

- Help and support each other, providing relevant and valuable information in the field of business;

- Form in the Republic of Belarus a favorable business environment for the development of the intellectual and creative potential of small and medium-sized businesses, to attract private investment;

- Develop the intellectual and creative potential of small and medium businesses;

- Increase the volume of private investment in the Belarusian small and medium business;

- Increase the financial literacy of entrepreneurs and young professionals;

- Make an image of a successful entrepreneur a role model!


  • Startup-school

    Startup School is a series of educational events. Their format is different from traditional teaching and includes elements of training, workshops, seminars, etc. in various combinations.

    Startup School helps beginner entrepreneurs in business creation and contributes to realization of innovative business-ideas and projects.

    Startup-school web-site

  • Business game and game training

    The game is a quick, unobtrusive and fun way to learn useful skills. We focus on games with an educational slant only.

    Business simulations and business games are not that many of us played in childhood, when we were building houses and hotels, opening “chance cards” and others. Modern economic games and business simulations are full-fledged simulators that are as close as possible to the actual processes occurring throughout the economic and financial activities of a person.

  • Initiative competition "Jump Start"

    The Jump Start initiative competition is an opportunity to realize your ideas in the field of business education for schoolchildren, students and their parents, as well as in the development and strengthening of the existing business environment. Currently, 10 winners of the competition of initiatives have already begun to implement their ideas.


  • Business camp Lipen.PRO

    2.5-day educational business camp for active and enterprising, where in a super informal atmosphere you will receive new knowledge, ideas, useful business contacts and unforgettable impressions. Here everyone will be able to upgrade their business skills.

    Lipen.PRO web site

  • Innovative storm

    Scientific and technological forum that combines innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Innovative storm is:

    ⚡ simple explanations of complex terms;
    ⚡ advanced knowledge in advanced directions;
    Discussions on progressive topics;
    ⚡ answers to current issues;
    Show program using the latest inventions of science and technology.



Our official data:

Non-government association “Society for Innovative Business Support”. Tax accounting number: 194902366, Minsk, str. Soltysa 187/2, office 2

b/a 3015080411002 in join stock company “Idea Bank”, code 153001755, Tax accounting number 807000122. Bank address : Minsk, str. Z. Bayduli, 11

Registration Certificate


DUNS 683534498

PIC number: 936440911