Within the international work of NGO "SIBS" the Council Chief Gleb Gerasimovich represented the Republic of Belarus at the "Conference on Entrepreneurship Key Competence" organized by European Training Foundation and European Commission (Chisinau, Republic Moldova). The presentation was made on the development of entrepreneurship support infrastructure in the Republic of Belarus. Our country's experience was highly appreciated by the participants and organizers.

Gleb Gerasimovich also took part in the training "See a game" in Riga (in the framework of the program "Youth in Action") where business and entrepreneurship game training technologies were represented developed by Belarusian specialists.

"In 2014 Gleb Gerasimovich obtained Alumni Grant for the project realization on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. A youth business-forum "Lipen.PRO" was organized on highly qualitative level thanks to this grant".

In 2014 the Member of NGO "SIBS" Dmitriy Dubovik participated in the same training - "See a game" - but this time in Armenia, Dilijan. He also held business games for the participants. Dmitriy's internship became possible due to NGO "SIBS" cooperation with YCCD NGO – Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan (Dilijan, the Republic of Armenia).

Council Chief Gleb Gerasimovich a participant of the program Community Connection (USAID, Belarus) since September 2013 on the theme "Entrepreneurship support". In 2014 the Member of the Council Alexander Bulah participated in internship on the topic "Financial Support for Entrepreneurship".

The Board and members of the NGO "SIBS" regularly participate in various international trainings and conferences: