We are dealing with development of economic board games and educational business-trainers, gamificaton systems, also with organisation and conduct of game business-trainings

A game – is the fastest, unobtrusive and lively way to learn useful skills. We are focused on the games with only educational bias.

Business-simulations and business-games are different from those we used to play in the childhood, when we built houses and hotels, opened “chance” cards and so on. Modern business-games and business-simulations are adequate trainers, that are very close to the real processes that happen in all economic and financial spheres of human activities. Here it is reasonable to provide an example with pilot-training. They first polish up thier skills on thrainers fully simulating the process of aircraft control.

“In Harvard and other famous business schools case and game methods in education are used from the end of 19th century. By game methods we mean different business simulations; reality simulating in a short period of time (often 10 years of real life at the game-table are “squeezed” in a few hours); people can be prepared for the possible situations in the real life by solving the case. This will enable them to act more conscious in an unfamiliar situation and be ready for it. It is also important to understand that human behaviour during the game reflects the behaviour in the real life”

What can be reached by the use of economic and financial trainers:

- You can form useful skills: negotiations, marketing, difficulties overcomming and goal achievement skills.

- Try yourself in various roles:as a seller, client, businessman, investor and others

- Develop financial wit and ability to adapt quickly for a changing market situation.

- Polish up personal finance management and investment skills (only with the risk to loose game money , instead of the real one)

We have more than 3-year expreience in educational game technologies development and use.Game is a universal tool that can be adapted for any educational task.

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