Cooperation with public authorities and institutions:

Management and the members of the NGO “SIBS” regularly take part as members of the jury, speakers and trainers in various innovative and business-projects competitions such as “Way to Success” (about 100 participants and 20 business-projects, the NGO “SIBS” trainers Gleb Gerasimovich and Alexander Milkamanovich carried out a business-game for the participants), the Republican Championship “Youth Entrepreneurship ”, Gomel (more than 100 participants, trainer and chairman of the NGO ‘SIBS’ Gleb Gerasimovich was present as the jury, and also held a business-game ‘FLIXA”), festival “Startup-gathering”, Vitebsk ( more than 80 participants, chairman of the NGO ‘SIBS’ Gleb Gerasimovich made a presentation on the main fears connected with starting your own business)”.

Сooperation with educational institutions:

NGO "OSIB" conducts a series of business games for professionals, youth, schoolchildren, including students from such universities as BSU, BSEU, MITSO University, the Academy of Management under the President of the Republic of Belarus.

In addition, game trainings are conducted on the basis of secondary schools and as part of the excursions of students in the business incubator of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Youth Social Service". The result of this activity was the development of youth motivation to start their own business, getting rid of fears and uncertainties associated with starting their own business, “playing” training important business skills - negotiating, selling, developing the ability to build relationships with future business partners.

A series of workshops “Innovative entrepreneurship and venture investment” Workshops were carried out for students and professors of such Belarusian universities as BSU, BSEU, BNTU, Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus. Total number of participants is about 500 people. The aim of workshops is to provide participants with complete information about the venture investment market in Belarus and in the whole world. And also acquaintance with successful world business-models and business-practices, leading approaches to management and entrepreneurship.


Chairman of the board Gleb Gerasimovich is an instructor in a business school for the young people "Own Business" created at BSU and has lectured and carried out training for students in educational institutions as BSU, BSEU, and Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus, BNTU, MITSO and others. Gleb also lectures for high-school teachers in Minsk Regional Institute of Education on the use of game technologies in educational process.