Mobile Lab – project aimed to help its participants to create, promote and sell effectively their mobile products and services.

“Project is focused on the founders, managers and project-managers of IT-companies; teams and individual developers, that are working on the creation and promotion of mobile applications.”

We also invite people, that are planning or have alredy started their own business that deals with the development of mobile applications or develop them independently.

Mobile Lab project consists of several complementary aspects:

- First of all, this is a professionals community in the sphere of mobile applications’ development and promotion. In the web-community it is represented by the community Mobile Lab in Facebook. You are welcome to join!

- Besides Mobile Lab - it is regular offline meetings of the community members, that are aimed at experience exchange, establish new business contacts.

Now meetings are held only in Minsk 1-2 times per month. We mainly inform about meetings through the mailing list, information layout on Facebook and also on the project web-site

“It will be also interesting and useful to participate for marketing experts, PR-managers, designers and for other specialsts that are working in this field.”

Mobile business is very young and dynamic, that is why further project development totaly depends on you,dear participants of the community! Be active!

f you are interested in this project and its development, we will be very happy to have any kind of help from you: organizational, methodological, technical and also financial.

For more detailed information about the project, time and place of the next meetinng search on the project web-site.